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The Legendary Backyard: Learn it


Backyard Enterprises was founded in 1992 by C. McAdoo II and Leron McAdoo. The company performed and recorded Hip Hop and R&B music and provided freelance artwork.

In 1993 the Backyard Demo Recording Studio was opened. A Portable portrait and caricature art stand was set up in 1994. 1995 Backyard began broadcasting its own radio show. The organization began presenting spoken word readings and conducting writing workshops in 1997, after Stacey James (McAdoo) officially became a partner. The Backyard began publishing poetry chat books, anthologies and designing murals that same year.

The Underground Explosion Talent Shows were organized in 1998. In 1999 The Writeuos publication and The Writeuos Live companion spoken word cds busted on the scene. The company put together The Backyard Hip Hop Awards ceremony and The Backyard Writing Awards ceremony in 2000. That year the Backyard also became the host of their own television show.

To date, the Backyard is the official host and sponsor of Mind Blazin’ Conversation and continues to entertain, publish, produce and provide services in the fields of music, writing and art.

The Backyard consists of:
Leron (Ron Mc) McAdoo
Illustrator, Songwriter, Spoken word Artist, Vocalist and Musician
Lil Mack The RazorMack
Lyricist, Performer, Producer, Businessman and Visionary
Stacey (Sta J) McAdoo
Writer, Poet, Editor, Publisher and Creative Thinker